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"Vaudevillian", "Moulin Rouge", stage show meets peep show. Heavy rock, versatile and ingenious songwriting from a recording artist who was first published as a poet as a young teenager. From the heaviest of rock songs, to the softest of melodies, Skye Delamey's music explores and brings to the audience, all of the above, and then some. The universal language of music in all it's limitless possibilities are explored in the music of Skye Delamey with boldness, honesty and sincerity.  Each tale comes  from the depth of her soul.  From "Detention," to "Thor," "Girlfriend Muzzle," to "Oz," she has crossed genres in her career, pushed boundaries, and continues to bring us more.
In addition to songwriting, singing, and playing multiple instruments, Skye Delamey is also a skilled, trained and dedicated actress.
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category 3 Song of the year-Girlfriend Muzzle Skye Delamey
category 12 Rock Performance-Girlfriend Muzzle Skye Delamey
category 14 Best Rock Song-Girlfriend Muzzle Skye Delamey
category 83 Music Video-Detention Skye Delamey

 Best Contemporary Instrumental Album: David Longoria, "The Journey" Skye vocals on song "we are one"

Girlfriend Muzzle:
Detention (music video)

Skye Delamey on tour
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Wed Feb 15th 11 pm Whisky a go go West Hollywood

2017 national and international tour dates to be announced!

  Sat May 13, 2017  11:00 pm Whisky a go go West Hollywood, Ca 
Sat June 24, 2017 2017  11:00 pm Whisky a go go West Hollywood, Ca 
Sat Aug 5, 2017  2017  11:00 pm Whisky a go go West Hollywood, Ca 

"A raucous rock show featuring a vaudevillian female front? We like the sound of that. Give your eyes, ears and heartbeat a treat during this wild show at the legendary Whisky A Go Go. Bring your friends, dance, mix, and mingle. Enhance the fun with drinks, or just let the intoxicating sounds of Skye Delamey send your unsuspecting brain on a sudden trip across a fantastical landscape constructed of tremulous lyrics, wild riffs,
                                                           and a little bit of leather." -Vimbly                                           
"Dale Bozzio covers Judas Priest"-Music Connection Magazine

"Skye paints a picture on stage"-Dick Michaels

"Renaissance Songstress"-Pens eye view

Roll the following into one:
Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, Missing Persons/Dale Bozzio, Judas Priest, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Lacuna Coil, Alanis Morisette, Black Sabbath. Rock show meets peepshow meets moulin rouge meets modern stage show. Larger than life, one of a kind, costumes, props, smoke, fog, captivating vocals, dualing guitars...

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 8818 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069