Skye Delamey
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the Poetry of Skye : 

Skye Delamey has been published as a poet many times, and has received awards and recognition for her poetry, first as a teenager. She has won awards from International Library of Poetry, and Her poetry has been featured at exhibits, and published in NewWritersMarket,com, Lost Anarchy magazine, and countless other publications, Skye Delamey poetry book "The Hollywood Collection" is coming soon! 

"Silent Movie Star" By: Skye Delamey copyright 2002 All rights reserved.

Birth and death of the 40's movie star
legendary icon
Love's last remeberance to embrace
A past within a past within
a part of me...
Where warewolves and lone wolves  
once preyed 
A silent heart continued to beat still
and I felt reconnected and at the same time torn 
The face of a million actresses was the face of one woman's soul.

"First Born" By Skye Delamey

© Skye Delamey 2002. All Rights Reserved.
Published by the National Library of Poetry
(won Editor's Choice award)

Born among the very first into a world of pop-culture,
the only world that ever existed
all was so peculiar and unique
I wanted to feel and touch all things
the name of the faire was Los Angeles, city that gave birth to me
First born
For first trials, applause, and broken hearts
The invention of all things electric and laser
It would have been the beginning of the end, had this not been
the first world ever to exist
I learned some dances, some songs, and made many friends
We watched movies, visited some places, and cruised the internet
We started to feel wired
So much to keep up with
Such crowded, distracted minds, order and technology
produced more chaos
We all committed suicide one afternoon
All of us then flew away with the wind
And ended up in a distant world we had never before seen
We looked at each other and no longer saw pink
and blue hair, or colored cheeks
we saw plain people wearing rags with unwashed punk hair
no one could speak
except one of us,
he became our divine leader
and told us that world was created and we were among
The first
of earth's people
He was a wise man who remembered.

copyright 2002-Present. Skye Delamey All Rights Reserved.

"Memory Lane"

Down memory lane today
the rollerskating waitresses, 50's diner
dinner in the wee hours of the morning
talk upon talk
intertwined with smoke
tomorrow and yesterday were but a blur
in a moment that lingered eternally
it was a diner on the sunset strip
where ideas were born
and my life began.

Copyright 2014 Skye Delamey all rights reserved

Finding My Own
by: Skye Delamey

Finding my own
and cherishing the stones
given to me by the god of gold
wearing the silver and creating the music
gifted in me naturally
since the days when I played with the gods on Mount Olympus
with their silver and sound
many men gathered around to create music in their band
to clear up a distracting land
with their silver and sound
they gave to me 
the lessons I have learned thus far
they helped me find the person inside. 

By: Skye Delamey copyright 2002 all rights reserved.