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Reviews in: Eye On L.A., ABC7, Music Connection, Discover L.A., and many more! 

"High energy rock show meets peepshow! Vaudeville meets future metal. Mid show costume changes, props, give aways, and great songs! Must See!"
                -Discover Los Angeles


"A raucous rock show featuring a vaudevillian female front? We like the sound of that. Give your eyes, ears and heartbeat a treat during this wild show at the legendary Whisky A Go Go. Bring your friends, dance, mix, and mingle. Enhance the fun with drinks, or just let the intoxicating sounds of Skye Delamey send your unsuspecting brain on a sudden trip across a fantastical landscape constructed of tremulous lyrics, wild riffs,  and a little bit of leather."  -Vimbly Travel website)        

"The Show was theatrical and filled with memorable rock anthems similar to Nirvana. The band made a solid display of musical interludes that graced certain sections throughout the set. ..The band's stage presence at the show had an appealing look. Delamey did a great job of interacting with fans, and introduced songs with memorable, short stories."
 -Music Connection music magazine Sept 2018

"The sound is reminiscent of late 80s rock, to early 90s grunge. The songs have a good rock appeal and depth. Material draws from Skye Delamey's personal experiences"
-Music Connection Music Magazine sept 2018

"Skye Delamey: If you like it hard, heavy & sexy...You got it. Skye is a cool throwback to the original rock/sleaze/punk attitude but with her own modern twist." -

   "Dale Bozzio covers Judas Priest"-Music Connection Magazine Jan 2016

  "Think Moulin Rouge meets Motley Crue dressed as Alice in Wonderland and you'll only be scratching  the surface of how awesome this show is. Theatrics, etc like  nothing you've seen" -Comedienne Dark Mark

"Renaissance Songstress!"-Pens eye view magazine

"High energy theatrical female fronted rock show, featuring original music of songstress Skye Delamey. The show entails mid show costume changes, skits, props, scenarios, and all in all, delivers a colorful story that is told both musically, as well as visually. A must see!"-Evensi

 "She brings back the stylings of the 80s Hollywood and CBGBs for her audience. A storytelling extrvaganza!"
-Joseph Fein, writer

"The Sunset Strip's Skye Delamey live! The show consists of mid show costume changes, dualing guitars, strong riffs, and a whole lot of eccentric Moulin Rouge meets peepshow inspired hard rock. This show is an exciting ride, it inspires the audience's attention the entire way through, beginning to end, and when it's over, you will certainly want to come back for more!" 
-Los Angeles Backpage

 "A modern day reincarnation of hard rock "Blondie," "Missing Persons," "Cyndie Lauper," and "Stevie Nicks." Yet heavier sound, heavier and darker, and at times even goth. As a song writer, Skye Delamey is very versatile. Her rock stage show incorporates elements of yesteryear show girl nostalgia meets modern day punk rock metal...a new genre all on its own. Skye Delamey gives her all and brings to the audience wholeheartedly, authentically, and sincerely. The stage show also entails props and scenarios, and themes relevant per song. From a chalkboard prop on the song "Detention," to a mid song costume change in which Skye Delamey changes into a nurse outfit on stage and throws "pills" out of a bottle into the audience on song "Francis Farmer." There is a dog muzzle prop she briefly wears on song "Girlfriend Muzzle," and props are thrown into the audience on song "Untamed Circus," the name of the upcoming album (her 4th), and tour" -Starla B