Skye Delamey
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Magenta Skye music publishing
Magenta Skye Music Publishing is Skye Delamey's music publishing label, registered with ASCAP since 2006, Magenta Skye Music Publishing entails a very large catalog of Skye Delamey's original music for licensing and placement in genres of rock, singer-songwriter, and pop.

All music is written by Skye Delamey (words and music). All rights reserved. ASCAP worldwide & US COPYRIGHT OFFICE.

For serious inquiries, please contact: 

Skye Delamey Songs:

Language of Ghosts
Girlfriend Muzzle
Untamed Circus
Partystoppers Suck
Meteor Showers
Francis Farmer
Dumb and blond
Peter Pan
Devil in an Evening Dress
The Girls
Mistress Nature
I See you there
In the wind
Lizard King
Singing Rivers
Time and Time Again
Miss you
This love that you've got
Wolfspirit Sandman
Another Chapter
Renaissance Past
Perceive Believe Achieve 
Blame it on the moon
Listen to the Sign
Favorite One

*Skye Delamey has written songs for these causes & artists:

"Heroics" for Our Nation's firefighters and heroes

"Dungeons" for

"Francis Farmer" for anti psych drug abuse

"Perceive Believe Achieve" for The boys club of America Sioux City Iowa chapter

"Gold Rain, "Human Planes," "City that never sleeps" for Frederick Fouquet

For inquiry re songwriting services (for custom lyrics), please message 

Price is final. Please allow 1-2 weeks.  
$1000 PayPal.Me/skyedelamey  or via

Please mention "songwriting" in  email subject line.

See Skye's songwriting column in ROCKNROLL INDUSTRIES magazine "Songstress Songwriting"
Skye Delamey has written for various music trade magazines on the art of songwriting. In her past she also owned a music instruction school, including songwriting assistance and services. 


Untamed Circus
album to be released in 2021

Skye's Explosion

Songstress Secrets: Skye's Wonderland

Songstress Secrets: Confessions of the soul

single song releases: 
"Oz," "Language of Ghosts," "Detention," "Raquel," "Untamed Circus," "Girlfriend Muzzle" and more: