Skye Delamey
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About Skye Delamey
Skye Delamey is a master vocalist, piano player, songwriter, actress. She has a 4 octave singing range, has studied music, voice, and acting since childhood. She holds a bachelor degree from Loyola Marymount University in Theater Arts (with an emphasis on camera acting and performance). She has also studied theater, and all aspects of performance at the UCLA school of Film Theater and Television, at the Santa Monica Playhouse in Los Angeles, Stella Adler in Hollywood, and with coaches Bainbridge Scott, Candice Silvers, the legendary acting coach Chris Decarlo, Ron Marasco, Diane Benedict and others.

As a recording artist she has worked with producers Michael Vale Blum, James Lugo, Phil Brown, Bobby Moore,  Ry Welch, Skip Saylor, and David Longoria to name only a handful.
Skye Delamey is a proud voting member of the Grammys Recording Academy, a member of  Sag-Aftra, Ascap, and AGMA (American Guild of Musical Artists).

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More about Skye Delamey:
Skye Delamey is a master songwriter, who also has an ongoing column in music magazine "Rock n Roll Industries" on the "Art of Songwriting." In her career, Skye Delamey has also owned a music instruction business, "Musical Transformation," that taught music lessons (voice, piano, music theory, and performance training).  She also has owned "Songstress Songwriting," which offered songwriting services, consultation, and music/lyric writing. Skye wrote songs for clients ranging from the Sioux City Iowa chapter of the Boys Club, to various artists around the world. In 2012, Skye also launched an online magazine/marketplace called "," a source of music tips, gear reviews, and advertisement.  A lover of Hollywood, in 2014, Skye even owned a Hollywood tour business,  called "Skye's Tours," a source of integrity based Hollywood sight seeing tours, along with tours vans based out of the Sunset Strip's Andaz hotel and Viper Room.  Currently, through "Magenta Skye Music," her own publishing company, Skye Delamey is putting out music releases.  That, in addition to new music videos, her own brands merchandise, and more! Stay tuned for more things Skye Delamey!