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Skye Delamey was fir
st published and received recognition and  awards for her original poetry as a teen. Skye Delamey  is a frequently published writer with contributions and columns in Shine On Hollywood, Lost Anarchy, Music Connection, and  Rock n Roll Industries magazines.



"I'm dreaming of a
White Hollywoodland, or in warmer climates!"
by Skye Delamey "Shine On Hollywood magazine" December

The season of a snowman, snowflakes, pine trees and wood burning fire places. Cranberries, pumkin, holly, and evergreens. Winter, snow days, sled rides, cocoa, and hot chocolate, and images of children ice nostalgic in all the world and in every culture. Los

Angeles, where Christmas often falls on a very warm day. Just like in the Bing Crosby song "White Christmas," though it's warm, the spirit is still very much alive in Hollywoodland! The winter season is a very prominent time through out the year to reconnect with friends and family.

It's marked by the hearth, aka the fireplace, which is really one of the first ancient symbols of Yule. Yule was celebrated in part because of the "return of the flame" in other words, Winter Solstice was about celebrating the return of the sun. The fireplace that kept us warm in the

cold months was a big part of Yule (aka the much celebrated and historic Yule Log pastry) because families and friends often gathered around the fire to celebrate, feast, share stories and connect!  Wherever you are in the world, honor the various traditions of Winter, that are alive in different cultures and religions. At it's core they all have one thing in common-love.


Autumn 2016 "Shine On Hollywood"
Transformation, change and the shifting of energy is evident in autumn as we watch the earth's display of golden leaves, fallen. In the fall, the greens turn to golds. The once fruit bearing trees become bare, getting ready for winter's hibernation and retreat....only temporarily, because come spring, the fruits are reborn and reappear once more.  In other words, as we observe Autumn, it's reflective of the circle of life. As the season shows sign of physical transformation in nature, so too does the spirit shift and evolve, as do our lives. In every cycle there is a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to dance....and the wheel circles back and around again. There is never a true end to energy, as it is reborn, and recycled, changing form, and often becoming more beautiful with time, experience, and lessons learned. Halloween, the Day of the Dead, and All Soul's Day are all celebrated in various cultures in the Fall, in the months of October and November. The theme behind these holidays is eternal life, the soul living after it's physical death, and about the infinity of the soul, just like the infinity of energy, and how it can never be destroyed, rather it always continues on an evolves. It is a beautiful perspective. At the same time, the shift we observe in the fall, when the time changes, and days become shorter, are also simply symbolic of our own life rhythm, and how we as humans adapt, shift and mutate from one cycle of the earth to the next. This autumn, honor flexibility, honor the reverence for eternal life, honor the living spirit of your ancestors, honor your own legacy in the ways you intend to contribute good to the world. That is a part of your own personal immortality. -Skye Delamey


"Reborn in the now"
In the warmer months, many animals shed their winter coat. This process is called "molting." Snakes and some reptiles also shed old skin. The new skin, or new coat is healthy, lustrous and beautiful. Fox, wolves, and many breeds of dogs molt. They shed the very coat that once was a source of survival and comfort. As humans, we do not molt, but energetically, we do, and we should. What was once a source of comfort and survival, isn't always to our best interest in the now. In other words, it is important to feel the momentum and inspiration to step outside one's comfort zone when needed. To venture into a new chapter with passion and zest, can be one of the joys of living. Shedding, or molding, is metaphoric for humans of letting go of the past. Whether that past entailed sadness, bitterness or pain, or if it entailed joyful memories...either way, There is great empowerment in the knowledge and feeling of simply being reborn in the now. As our cells turnover, on a biological level, so do we energetically. To be reborn in the now, means your past does not stop nor inhibit your present. Your past pain does not hold you back, nor do past ties keep you rooted in the past, unable to move forward. Old habits, or addictions, old ways of thinking that do not serve you in the now, don't need to be carried on to your next chapter. Letting go, and molting with love..the past that once served you...whether it be good or bad, is empowering. Be reborn in the now, in today. The world is your oyster. -Skye Delamey May 2018

"Celebrations, fun in the sun and dolphins Skye Delamey" 
July 2017 Shine On Hollywood Magazine
From the ancient Greeks to the Venetians, there were many festivals, celebrations, and feasts through the year and seasons. In med evil Europe there were countless spectacles celebrating everything from a holiday, to the birthday of a Saint, a birth of noble, a wedding, a royal election, etc, etc. In the time of the plague that swept through Europe, being alive was simply cause enough to celebrate. To be healthy, to be alive, was a gift that people of all classes acknowledged and celebrated. One interesting aspect of some of the feasts and festivals, was that indeed, the various social classes intermingled.
There was a common thread, and a beautiful bond of humanity in this.
In ancient Greece, the Roman God of wine and theater, Dionysus was worshiped. To celebrate was indeed a vital part of every day life. Coming back from battle, surviving a tough winter, raising a family, being blessed by a bountiful harvest were all a cause for celebration through out the ages in human history. Celebrations continue and will always continue. In every culture, there are occasions of renewal and rebirth through out the year. These show humanity's desire for constant renewal, improvement, growth, learning, and evolving. There is always an occasion, or "excuse" to become better than you were the year or season prior.
In July, celebrations, and "fun in the sun" is a relevant theme. Families and friends come together during the long days of the summer, there by enhancing emotional ties. Dolphins who many spiritualists credit with spiritual wisdom, spend sixty percent of their lives at play, experiencing pleasure, and enjoying life.  Where there is little resistance, things flow. Ideas flourish, and answers come. Do not underestimate the value of a vacation, or "fun in the sun," whatever that fun is to you.  Being serene and at peace brings out your best, for you and for the world and those around you. Some even have a saying, "If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong," or "life is supposed to be fun." The fun factor is not frivolous. 

"Soul's Graduation" 
by Skye Delamey

Every June we watch young people of all ages graduate from their grade, school, or life chapter. Onward and upwards they rise to meet their next challenge, their next chapter, leaving their comfort zone behind. When we leave school, however, our soul continues to have opportunities to grow, and to "graduate." The deeper you look within, the more you can stretch your wings and fly. Gain mastery on your chosen life path(s), and excel in new dimensions you did not think were possible. Extend the depths of your heart, and the limits of your ability understand, and to have compassion for others. Even, if they are opposite of different from you. Graduate your soul's wisdom, beauty and richness to the next level, not only in this season of graduation, but in all the seasons of your soul's journey.

"Nature's Detox"

Like sloughing off dead skin to encourage renewal, like a cleanse or fast in our diet, like an emotional or mental time out, nature too has it's own cycle of detox. In the fall the leaves shed, making way for rebirth. This is a time of reincarnation...physically and spiritually. The cycle of life is recycled as the water soon becomes ice, snow, and then again transforms into rivers and lakes, nourishing the earth.. In all aspects of our lives, there is a time to replenish and also to detox and release what is no longer needed. From a habit you don't want to hold on to, to simply making room in your closet, detox is about releasing clutter, and making space for renewal. In the season of the fall, leading to winter, the earth retreats and sheds leaves, branches, and her sun goes to bed a little earlier... all this is a hibernation, a retreat that will soon give way to a glorious new spring. As the winter bear awakes, as the earth is restored, the cycle begins once more.
In Western astrology, we begin the cycle with the child, Aries. 
-Skye Delamey

Happy Holidays from  Hollywoodland! 
As the season draws upon us, reflect on what the year consisted of for you, what got checked off your life's priority list. What is still in store? Celebrate the season in this time of festivals, and feasts, friendship and laughter, joy and appreciation. How lucky we are that both the end, as well as the beginning of the year, we  celebrate. We are excited to begin the year anew, and we are also joyful as it draws to a close in celebrations. We acknowledge miracles during this time, the light, and what is good in the hearts of human kind. In the darkest times of the earth as days are shorter, we celebrate all of this We watch our cities transform into lit works of art, and decorations dazzle us all. In endless song, colors, tastes, aromas, and in endless displays, we celebrate the season with all our senses.
In ancient times, the season was marked by "Yule." It symbolized a return to the light, and having faith that even in the darkest of times, the light still persists and will shine again. "Yule," falls on Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. On this night, the earth gradually shifts once more towards the light. All very symbolic, celebratory and beautiful. May the season be a reminder of what matters most in life. Count your blessings, and share some of them with others.
Love, light and blessings for 2020,
Skye Delamey

"Spring has sprung" Shine On Hollywood" spring 2016 by Skye Delamey

Just like a nesting period, the fruits of our labor manifest during the Spring. We reep what we sow. It's some times a gradual and gentle process to getting what we want, and in that there is such great appreciation and value. A mother's love, the love of a blooming romance, a business, a career, an endeavor. When it blooms is one's life's work taken flight. It's with great respect and appreciation that we watch what we have created for ourselves when good intentions pay off. The funny thing is, those good intentions not only serve us, but often they also serve the world. Other's benefit from your enhanced being, from your strength, your accomplishments.The happier people that there are in the world, the happier the world becomes. The more inspiration, the more others become inspired. This spring, take the time to acknowledge your creations, what you have given birth to, what you have conjured, made, and breathed life into. Was it a relationship that was becoming stale, that now has been revived? Was it an old friendship rekindled? Was it an outfit accessorized? A dream revived, a life path restored? Or a project updated, upgraded and enhanced? Life is always in constant

motion, whether you are aware of it or not. Take the time to realize and look back at how far you have come, and take a moment to appreciate yourself, just as you would appreciate the oak tree that has withstood the test of time. So have you. And there is great pride in that, and in you.


"Another Chapter" by Skye Delamey (Shine On Hollywood magazine Fall issue)

The four seasons of the earth are like chapters... When one season, or one chapter ends, a new begins. If you saw your life in chapters, in segments, and you saw how smoothly one flows and transitions into another, it would be a helpful perspective. As we flow from one "season" into the next, out very essence remains the same. The world may look a little different April to Autumn, but the rhythm of life and the essence of who we are remains. Change can be joyful, beautiful and even breathtaking. In Autumn, my personal favorite season, it gets a little cooler, and the earth is showered with specs of greens, golds, and orange leaves. It's a gentle season as we slowly ease into winter, a dream like wonderland, a time of symbolic hibernation and reflection. It is the gentle ease of autumn that I like, as it flows in between summer and winter. It also is a time of reminding us of the transition between life and after life, as so many cultures celebrate a version of Halloween, All Saints Day, or Day of the Dead during the fall season. When one's life season, or chapter on earth has come to an end, it is a transition into another chapter, as the soul and the spirit of life is eternal and ongoing, and simply changes form from one season to another. 

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From "Lost Anarchy" magazine Shocktober issue

The child within rejoices in the spectacle that is Halloween. After all, isn't all of life a trick or a treat? Honesty verses truth, fact verse facade? Friend or foe? October begins the countdown to Halloween, one of the most metaphoric of Holidays characterized by masks, costumes, bopping apples, parades, contests, candy, pumkin, haunted houses, mazes, and gore. The spooky tickles our funny bone, but the many gatherings warm our hearts. As this is a festive time of year for both children and adults alike. From the many parties, gatherings, fairs, and festivals, October is a fun and social time of year! Happy Shocktober!!
-Skye Delamey

Songwriting Column by Skye Delamey 
RocknRoll Industries magazine 2016 Summer

So lets say you've written a song you've poured your heart and soul into, and the time has come take what you have written and record it. A transformation will absolutely take place in this process that takes what you wrote on paper, and turns it into a sound recording. The genre will make a tremendous difference in the choices you make in the manifestation of your recorded music.


Be true to your vision and the emotional content and message of the song you wrote. However, be open to adjustment. Do not be upset if some lyrics must be cut, in order to make for better and more concise musical phrasing. Do not be upset if an extra verse also has to be cut and, or rearranged. If you have a vocalist in mind, whether it is yourself or some one else, also be open to key changes. Bear in mind that different octaves of the same key will sound higher pitched, or lower pithed, but, some times it is simply necessary to change keys mid song. In the genre of musicals this is quite common. In some metal, it is also prevalent. A key change, however, does not only pertain to vocals, it also pertains to the instrumental aspect of the song. It is perfectly awesome to hear the bridge, or the guitar solo, or the outro in a key that is different than the key you started out in. It is a treat for the audience, and brings a fresh and newer quality to the song.


 An alternative to a key change is an introduction of an "accidental." Which is an exception to the rule. A great example is the children's song "pop goes the weasel." The "pop," is on a F# (F sharp) note in the key of C that the song is generally played in, a key that does not have sharps, nor flats. The sharp is an "accidental," that certain brings a pop to an otherwise more mundane tune. 

 Experiment, explore and play with the idea of key changes. Be open to elaboration and expansion of your vision of the song you have written. Bare in mind, no matter what it is on paper, the end result must be a sound recording that sings to your listener. In other words, acknowledge that music truly is an art form that we relish in listening to. Your audience is not reading a book or a novel, your audience is being captured by sound. Allow your lyrics to be in harmony with your music, and keep the excitement and romance alive in your song by being open to key changes, or accidentals where appropriate. It can be like the dash of cayenne pepper in your dark chocolate bar or dessert. May sound off, but is a unique and intriguing delight for the senses, and makes for a wonderful marriage!

Spring-Shine On Hollywood

At the height of Spring you

may want to consider doing some Spring cleaning. What does this really mean? It means to take inventory of what you have...both on a material and spiritual level, and to see what you need to release, or let go of, donate, or give away. In doing so, you will clear the way and make space for new and needed things, or energy. On a spiritual level consider what emotions, or outdated ways of thinking you must let go of? What pain, resentment, or unidentified anger? In letting go you trust the greater cycle of life. And in letting go, and releasing, your replenish and renew. How interesting it is that in nature, as is evident in the cells of your own body, daily there is cell release, and renewal. In shedding what is no longer needed, you may find hidden things, thoughts, a new outfit in your closet buried some where, or new ideas that you never paid attention to. In letting go of what is stagnant, you bring in what is vibrant, and organic. In you existence, and in you way of thinking, use Spring energy as a way to spring into a vibrant and new mindset! Here's a thought, for as long as you are alive, you must live..and I mean really live, and live your life to the fullest! -Skye Delamey


Skyes’ Astrology: the energy of freeze

In the winter months, the elements of air, water, and earth create ice, hail, snow, and snowflakes… In these, there is the energy of “freeze.” Metaphorically, to “freeze,” can be a time out. To cool down, a way to regain control and diffuse anger or hostility. A “freeze” can also metaphorically be a way to get rid of unwanted behavior or patterns. Just like how as in the Batman comic series..the character of Mr Freeze, though a villain, was able to stop his opponent in their tracks by freezing them. You can use this energy to benefit your life by harnessing the energy of the year’s colder months. Consider what patterns, situations or elements in your life need to be on freeze. By freezing the unneeded or unwanted, all you do is open the door way for more of what you do want and need in your life…Just as the ice eventually melts and is transformed into drinkable, sustainable water.
 So can this energy be transformed!

by: Skye Delamey

Skye on pg 13

"Winter" by Skye Delamey
"Shine On Hollywood magazine" winter 2016

Snowflakes, winter energy at it's peak in the cycle of life. To balance the wheel of the four seasons, winter plays an important part, providing water by way of snow that melts in the spring. Winter in it's element of freeze actually helps to restore, nurture, and rejuvenate. Watering the earth, the animals, and providing moisture for us all, it's amazing that in the midst of the cold there is so much life and activity still, on a molecular level. The earth changes her gown, and some of the most beautiful sites to see are in fact a winter dream! A snow drenched forest, a pale moon night, a star filled's quiet, it's silent, it's magical, mystical, and other worldly. Winter's snow, blue, and ice is a frenzy of sensory delight...and it's own way a miracle. The snowflake a miracle in that no two are ever quite the same...just like us humans. As individuals we each hold our uniqueness. Happy winter everyone! Celebrate winter... And celebrate the winter melody of the earth. Listen within, and treasure it's whisper. In this time of spiritual hibernation, old man Winter may be trying to tell you some thing. Listen...

writing  and  more...

the Poetry of Skye :

Skye Delamey has been published as a poet many times, and has received awards and recognition for her poetry, first as a teenager. Skye Delamey poetry book "The Hollywood Collection" is coming soon!

"Silent Movie Star" By: Skye Delamey copyright 2002 All rights reserved.

Birth and death of the 40's movie star
legendary icon
Love's last remeberance to embrace
A past within a past within
a part of me...
Where warewolves and lone wolves 
once preyed
A silent heart continued to beat still
and I felt reconnected and at the same time torn
The face of a million actresses was the face of one woman's soul.

"First Born" By Skye Delamey

© Skye Delamey 2002. All Rights Reserved.
Published by the National Library of Poetry
(won Editor's Choice award)

Born among the very first into a world of pop-culture,
the only world that ever existed
all was so peculiar and unique
I wanted to feel and touch all things
the name of the faire was Los Angeles, city that gave birth to me
First born
For first trials, applause, and broken hearts
The invention of all things electric and laser
It would have been the beginning of the end, had this not been
the first world ever to exist
I learned some dances, some songs, and made many friends
We watched movies, visited some places, and cruised the internet
We started to feel wired
So much to keep up with
Such crowded, distracted minds, order and technology
produced more chaos
We all committed suicide one afternoon
All of us then flew away with the wind
And ended up in a distant world we had never before seen
We looked at each other and no longer saw pink
and blue hair, or colored cheeks
we saw plain people wearing rags with unwashed punk hair
no one could speak
except one of us,
he became our divine leader
and told us that world was created and we were among
The first
of earth's people
He was a wise man who remembered.

copyright 2002-Present. Skye Delamey All Rights Reserved.

"Memory Lane"

Down memory lane today
the rollerskating waitresses, 50's diner
dinner in the wee hours of the morning
talk upon talk
intertwined with smoke
tomorrow and yesterday were but a blur
in a moment that lingered eternally
it was a diner on the sunset strip
where ideas were born
and my life began.

Copyright 2014 Skye Delamey all rights reserved

Finding My Own
by: Skye Delamey

Finding my own
and cherishing the stones
given to me by the god of gold
wearing the silver and creating the music
gifted in me naturally
since the days when I played with the gods on Mount Olympus
with their silver and sound
many men gathered around to create music in their band
to clear up a distracting land
with their silver and sound
they gave to me
the lessons I have learned thus far
they helped me find the person inside. 

By: Skye Delamey copyright 2002 all rights reserved.